Ernest and the Pale Moon

Inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock, Les Enfants Terribles ‘Ernest and the Pale Moon’ is a spine chilling tale of obsession and murder.

Anthony Spargo is most memorable as Ernest. Spargo conveys Ernest’s deterioration into madness powerfully; he’s wretched, convulsing and thoroughly believable. **** Broadway Baby.

Anthony Spargo creates an eerie, sinister, macabre Ernest whose descent into madness following his horrendous crime is powerfully enacted.***** British Theatre Guide.

The dark, brooding, super-natural atmosphere is unrelenting. Even if theatre isn’t your usual thing, this is a great production to see. Superb from the first minute to the last. ***** The Mirror.

Ernest (Anthony Spargo) was outstanding; a captivating, disciplined performer with impeccable ensemble manner – checking in via eye contact with his fellow cast before embarking on synchronised sequences, helping bodies in the dark rise from the dead to continue with their next task, and attacking a plethora of folio tools as a backdrop for another’s monologue with the same commitment applied to his own speeches. ***** Theatre Review.