Greenwich Pantomimes – Aladdin & Robin Hood

Greenwich Theatre is lucky enough to have snapped up the best (by far) baddy this side of Sherwood Forest. Not only is Anthony Spargo a splendidly spiteful Sheriff of Nottingham, this captivating comedian is also a superb ventriloquist, bringing his trusty vulture sidekick to life on stage. Watching the naturally funny actor flounce about, sing and dance to LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ and cruelly lock up Maid Marion, it was impossible not to think of Hugh Laurie. Anthony has all of the Hollywood star’s charm, height and humour. News Shopper

Spargo’s slimy Sheriff of Nottingham steals the show. His facial contortions and sneers have the audience booing so passionately that he declares a tax on such taunts, but it is in Act Two that the stage truly becomes his, strutting his stuff to Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’. A firm favourite, Spargo has surely secured his right to many more seasons upon the Greenwich stage. British Theatre Guide

Anthony Spargo shines as a wonderfully over-the-top Sheriff, and is reminiscent of Hugh Laurie in Blackadder with his melodramatic yet hopelessly pathetic swarthiness. ***** Broadway Baby

Stealing the show, however, is a gloriously camp Anthony Spargo as the villainous Abanazar, winning extra boos and raucous heckling from the audience and delivering such a showstopping rendition of ‘Born This Way’. Croydon Guardain