The Infant

Les Enfants Terribles – ‘The Infant’ is a savage satire on the paranoia engendered by the war on terror. A terrifying black comedy.

Anthony Spargo, as Samedi, delivers a great line in derangement and plays his Mad Hatter-like part with great verve and gusto. **** The Scotsman

Anthony Spargo and Martyn Dempsey are excellent as the madcap interrogators. Spargo brings an excellent energy and control to Samedi and is electrifying to watch. **** Broadway Baby

Anthony Spargo is brilliantly funny; his every gesture is hilarious, and he can make the whole audience laugh by doing no more than pausing or changing the pitch of his voice. Fringe Guru.

Both Martyn Dempsey and Anthony Spargo produce fantastically engaging performances as Castagan and Samedi. Spargo in particular produces a livewire performance which perfectly captures his duplicitous nature. **** Buzz

The two thuggish captors, Castogan and Samedi are brilliantly played by Martyn Dempsey and Anthony Spargo. This is a beautifully structured piece of work and extremely well acted. **** Whatsonstage

Anthony Spargo is extraordinarily entertaining as the manic yet refined Samedi. **** Theatre Guide London